High Plains Falconers

Practicing & Enjoying the BEST of Colorado Hawking & Falconry

Dedicated to preserving and practicing the art of Falconry

Our mission is to foster and protect the tenets, practices and cultural heritage of traditional falconry, and to freely pass on the field craft, hawkmanship, and etiquette pertaining to game hawking in its traditional form.

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HPF membership is open to all who hold an appreciation for raptors and falconry.

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Rules, regulations, & resources are available to help you learn about the sport.

Who are the High Plains Falconers?

In addition to upholding the principals of our mission statement, our goal is to practice, and enjoy the best of Colorado Falconry. In other words, we want to have fun doing what we do. Most of us enjoy other forms of hunting and other outdoor activities. However, there is nothing quite like hunting with a falcon or hawk, and developing and maintaining the bond we enjoy with our birds that makes it possible.

What is Falconry?

Falconry is the ancient art of hunting quarry with a trained raptor. As falconers, we establish a special bond with our hunting partner. Having the ability to train and work closely with an incredible bird of prey in the hunting field is like nothing else!